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(Venetian Domes, Etching. Print size: 20 x 20cm)

Both the Streeton family and QG&W felt it was of most importance that Streeton Prints was realised for the public. Additionally, QG&W takes this unique opportunity to inform the general public on the ‘influence’ and ‘inspiration’ Sir Arthur Streeton has left behind over the past century.

To demonstrate this, QG&W will host nine artists who will work in the gallery during the exhibition. The artists’ methods, their approach and specific ways in which Sir Arthur Streeton has impacted their signature style will form the secondary purpose for the Streeton Prints exhibition.

Soula’s Statement

I believe it was Sir Arthur Streeton and his peers who taught me how to make a visual record and document the ‘moments’ and ‘places’ in my life.

In places where I have lived, I document the facades as a kind of homage. The period architecture I am particularly drawn to is the late 1800’s to early 1900’s – a Streetonesqu time.
When traveling however, documentation morphs into a quick and energetic record. My sole purpose of travel has never been for art’s sake so I need to work with short periods of time.

To work fast I keep my medium simple – I draw in a journal with pen or pencil. These diary like entries serve as a long-term reference. The scribbly drawings are simple memories that capture enough character and become resources for me to further develop, sometimes years late.

Resident artists’ information: Joel Wolter Mar 3 – 6 | Philip Davey Mar 8 – 13 | Emmy Mavroidis Mar 15 – 20 | Adam Nudelman Mar 22 – 27 | Amanda Firenze Mar 29 – Apr 3 | Michelle Joy Caithness Apr 5 – 10 | Soula Mantalvanos Apr 12 – 17 | Andrew Weatherill Apr 19 – 24 | James Pasakos Apr 26 – 30.

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