Project Description

My Street

I’ve lived in a lot of houses in my life – so many that I had lost count.

My childhood family moved around a lot when I was a kid and I seem to have followed the same pattern as an adult.  But now I have a family of my own I have a real longing to own and live in my own house and give my children the type of stability I never seemed to have and that longing makes me look around at houses and think about the houses I have lived in.

This artwork is in response to that – I wanted to capture my memories associated with each house I had lived in through both a linocut and a story combined and once they were lined up in a row they would create My Street – the street of my life.  It was a revealing process for me too – more than I ever imagined.

The cataloging of memories was overwhelming in many ways and I began to see patterns in the type of houses I lived in with some bringing back gorgeous memories and some terrible.  I expected it to be a walk down memory lane but I had expected to realise that leaving some of my favourite and happiest homes had devastated me as generally the leaving was tied in with a major event ie my parents’ divorce or the place my children had spent their youngest years.

I hadn’t expected to realise that there is a real floor plan to the sort of house I am happy in and when I had all these artworks lined up I could clearly see what I need in a house to be happy – lots of light, space, connection to outside and a sense of freedom.

I didn’t realise that I had been chasing these elements in each move I made even in terms of locality rather than just housing.


I have a real fascination with everyday places. Not necessarily the places that are the most beautiful or stunning – not generally the feature landmarks of a town.

I am more interested in my memories that are associated with places – I create linoprints of these and then write a story of my associated memories so that the two elements go hand in hand to form the artwork.

My aim is to capture the feel of the everyday and invite others who view my work inside my memories while providing an opportunity to share their own connections with that place.