Project Description

Anita Iacovella specialises in monotype and mix-media printmaking processes, to explore internal and external spaces within the environment and nature. Currently her works examine the cloud metaphor which has been seen through history, within many civilisations, looking up at the cloud as a representation of various meanings and unknown truths, with concerns of ‘higher consciousness’ one of spirit and thought. The activity of looking up at the clouds, also touches on the ephemeral state as they are always changing and in a state of flux.

Through articulating these ideas and concerns the process of making these works stem from her observation, interaction and intuition of space. The physicality of looking and making has always been a prominent starting point, wether it be through her use of gestural mark marking, photography or making handmade stencils and collages. Working through a process and meditating on the materials at hand, also contributes largely to the way Iacovella brings together the physical and psyche to become one in the implementation of ideas and medium.

Born in Geelong, Victoria in 1970, she completed studies in Art and Design at the Gordon Technical College in 1990. Iacovella graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) in Printmaking at the University of Ballarat, Victoria, in 1993, and received various university awards.

In the mid 1990’s she was a founding member of Volartile Contemporary Gallery and Studio’s Inc. Iacovella travelled to New York, Philadelphia and Italy in 1995 as part of her artistic research and participated in a study tour of Japan in 1998. In the last few years she has travelled to Japan, New York and Philadelphia to further develop her research within the Visual Arts as part of her continual vocational development. Currently she is a lecturer in printmaking and art theory at The Gordon TAFE part-time, a position she has held for the past 21 years. Iacovella has also been an active volunteer in various community arts projects and partnerships throughout the Geelong region.

Iacovella has exhibited regularly over the past 26 years in selected solo and group exhibitions, both in Australia and internationally. Her works are held in several public and private collections in Australia, Italy, Japan, and USA. Including the Gippsland Art Gallery, Permanent collection 2017-2015,  Charles Sturt University Australian Monotype Collection 2014, National Gallery of Australia (APW Impressions 2012) and State Library Victoria monographs. She has received several awards, such as the Mini Print International – Asia Pacific award at No Vacancy QV Gallery, Melbourne (2012), and the major printmaking award at the national Queenscliff 150th anniversary art awards for her monotype Numen 1 (2013).

Anita currently works in her printmaking studio, which is based in the outer district of Geelong, Victoria Australia.