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Project Description

Through modern day therapies Soula has been able to return to her creativity after 10 years of chronic pain.

Soula uses expression as a catharsis and coping mechanism, and as a pathway for the restoration of self.

As creative director of her own design company, ooi, she enjoys the challenge of a client brief and the requirement that comes with finding the most appropriate solution – to shed all personal aesthetic influences.

As a fine artist, she enjoys the limitless freedom to explore various mediums and disciplines to tell the story of her personal life.

Soula has a huge love for drawing which is enhanced when done on a copperplate. The process of printmaking formalises the results for her and although she needs much help with printmaking, she finds the disciplined process a great pleasure. Theo editions all of Soula’s work, with the exception of the Gertrude Streetscape Etching, which could not have been produced without the great help of Andrew Gunnell.

Now, as Director of Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W), Soula can apply her creativity in an even broader way. Through a heritage space and with her life partner, Theo Mantalvanos, they will present the works of their inspiring piers and coordinate an art/print workshop calendar that encourages the arts on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Soula’s represents herself at QG&W, but is also represented by Penny Contemporary and The Convent Daylesford.

Hours & Info

03 4202 0942
Open 6 days | Closed Tuesdays and between exhibitions