Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) represent Australian artists and have a predominate exhibition focus of printmaking and/or works on paper.

Together with the works on paper, QG&W often exhibit artists’ materials, journals, plates and tools, as well as artworks created in other mediums to educate gallery patrons about the artist’s individual practice.

ARTISTS BY: A – G | H – O | P – Z

Helene Athanasiadis

Helene has degrees in Fashion Design, Archaeology and Art History and since 2006 has worked professionally as a field archaeologist, heritage designer, technical archaeological photographer and artefact illustrator. She is [...]

Antonio Balletta

Balletta's art inveigles us into its world through optimism for life journey. It makes us want to enter into the artist's dialogue and decipher its allegorical tales. Antonio Balletta works [...]