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Anna Austin

Anna Austin is just one of a handful of mezzotint artists practicing in Australia. Her small prints are quiet and unassuming: cherries that float amongst [...]

Tony Convey

I have been making and exhibiting art for forty-five years and my work in different media has several underlying themes and characteristics however I have [...]

Warren Cooke

Warren creates artwork about the landscapes in which he lives or has lived. Some feelings from distant memories drive Warren to re-visit places where he [...]

Rona Green

Rona Green is highly regarded for her fantastical figurative prints, paintings, poppets and drawings that explore ideas about the nature of individuality. Specifically, her interest [...]

Pete Gurrie

This work explores the contrasts in the environment around us. Peter observes engineering, architecture, town planning and data systems and their relationship with the natural [...]

Robert Hague

Plate Series Blue Claude (after McCubbin) 2015 Hand gilt 24ct, lithograph on cotton rag paper 70 x 70cm (paper) McCubbin's failed gold prospector (Down on [...]

Rachel Joy

Sailing and Decorative Knots There is energy and power in a length of rope or twine but that energy increases when you take it in [...]

John Kelly

Painter, sculptor and printmaker John Kelly was born in Bristol, UK in 1965 and immigrated with his family to Australia in the same year. In [...]

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