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Anna Austin

Anna Austin is just one of a handful of mezzotint artists practicing in Australia. Her small prints are quiet and unassuming: cherries that float amongst [...]

Angela Cavalieri

Angela Cavalieri explores the art of writing in visual form. In her large-scale hand printed linocuts, literary, religious and historical narratives eventually manifest as image. [...]

Jazmina Cininas


Melbourne-based printmaker Jazmina Cininas uses the complex process of reduction linocut to create anthropomorphic images, drawing upon both her Lithuanian heritage and Australian upbringing. In [...]

Leonie Connellan

Leonie Connellan is a print-based artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her current work explores the relationship between the physical sciences of the universe and how we find [...]

Tony Convey

I have been making and exhibiting art for forty-five years and my work in different media has several underlying themes and characteristics however I have [...]

Philip Davey

Marcus Clarke's novel For the Term of His Natural Life, first published in 1874, has inspired a rich history of artistic production. It was the [...]

Sue Ernst


I have worked in the creative arts for most of my working life after studying art at Caulfield Institute of Technology (now Monash University) and [...]

Pauline Fraser

I am inspired by the natural world and my immediate surroundings. Marine life, animals, butterflies, birds, interiors of rooms, trees and places where I have [...]

Rona Green


Rona Green was born in Geelong, Australia. Her practice involves making drawings, prints, poppets and paintings. She studied art at La Trobe University Bendigo campus, [...]

Sue Grossman

As an Artist, I am inspired by the relationship between patterns and nature. I love the boldness of linocut and how this medium allows me [...]

Pete Gurrie

This work explores the contrasts in the environment around us. Peter observes engineering, architecture, town planning and data systems and their relationship with the natural [...]

Robert Hague

Plate Series Blue Claude (after McCubbin) 2015 Hand gilt 24ct, lithograph on cotton rag paper 70 x 70cm (paper) McCubbin's failed gold prospector (Down on [...]

Kate Hudson


Kate an Australian artist, with a background in textile design, makes richly patterned and decorative linocuts of native birds and flowers. She draws influence from [...]

Anita Iacovella


Anita Iacovella specialises in monotype and intaglio printmaking processes. Her works traverse the intersection between figuration and abstraction, articulating both internal and external landscapes that [...]

Megan Jackson

Megan Hinton is an accomplished designer and artist. She practices freelance design and exhibits her artwork as Megan Jackson and is currently Artistic Director (acting) of Megalo [...]

Ellie Malin


Ellie Malin is a print media artist based in Melbourne. Working predominantly in relief woodblock printing and experimenting in other print based mediums. She completed [...]

George Matoulas

“It’s a make believe world” Alan Warren to William Ferguson at the RMIT urinal middle 1950’s Matoulas pares back the images to imbue the work [...]