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Chroma Print Exchange


Edition of 28
Paper size: 18 x 18cm

Cost: $340


SKU: Chroma_1/23


Congratulations – your submission for QG&W’s Chroma Print Exchange was successful

We have selected 25 artists to participate. As specified in the terms and conditions (below), allocation began with yellow and was applied in the order in which artists submitted.

Here are the details of participating artists and your assigned colour:

Jan Palethorpe – Deep Yellow

Stephen Tester – Abricot Yellow

PJ Hickman – Nasturtium Yellow

Clare Humphries – Vermillion Red

Hyun Ju Kim – Carmine Red

Damon Kowarsky – Geranium Red

Tim Bateson – Solferno Violet

Julie Mia Holmes – Permanent Violet

Soula Mantalvanos – Orient Blue

Sue Ernst – Prussian Blue

Silvi Glattauer – Cobalt Blue

James Pasakos – Cerulean Blue

Penny Peckham – Ocean Blue

Catherine Pilgrim – Spring Green

Ann Cunningham – Perm Green Lake

Keren Zorn – Medium Green

Paula McLoughlin – Sap Green

Louise Blyton – Yellow Ochre

Dorothy Leslie – Burnt Umber

Ros Atkins – Sanguine

Adrian Kellet – Red Ochre

Melinda Harper – Warm colored Sepia

Jim Pavlidis – Raw Umber

Emmy Mavroidis – Van  Dyck Brown

Evie Carland – Paynes Gray



Terms & Conditions

  • The full edition required is 28 prints
  • Artist’s work must predominately use the colour allocated to them (min 80%)*
  • No swapping of allocated colours with other participating artists
  • The full 28 editioned prints cannot have a visible variance of more than 10% and no more than 4 artist’s proofs should exist (please refer to What is an edition? Prints and Printmaking – a very short intro to terms and protocols)
  • Medium: Any form of printmaking (no digital or photography unless used as part of the traditional printmaking process)
  • Size of paper: 18 x 18cm (image/plate area can be smaller)
  • Exhibition: The complete 28 prints representative of each colour will form an exhibition at QG&W during November with other related works and coincide with colour themed workshops
  • Price of work: To be set by the artist (note QG&W retains 40% commission of the unframed work total sale price and 40% commission of the framed work after framing costs
  • QG&W requires one print (for framing), one print for the drawers, one print for the gallery’s full portfolio and 25 prints for the print exchange – edition of 28 total.
  • QG&W retains ownership of one full portfolio (that we hope to sell to an institution/collector)
  • QG&W will refund your framing costs in the event your piece is sold
  • Inks will be available for collection from Neil Wallace (You will need to take the payment confirmation email that we provide)

Costs will cover

Your paint (based on one 60ml tube of intaglio ink with any additional ink required to be purchased at artist’s own expense), exhibition costs (hanging, organisation, promotion, advertising, administration etc), framing of one edition, management, archival box for each artist’s editioned set, photography of each print and packaging for each artist. Unsold framed works to be provided to artists together with their complete archival box set.

*Artist’s work must predominately use the colour allocated to them (80%)

This could translate in many ways, eg. use coloured paper as the paper colour isn’t considered a colour. But please be wary of transparent colours and how they may change. If you choose to only use your allocated colour, then that would equate to 100% usage, no matter what your print looked like.

Email us if you need clarification or call 5258 4927


Submissions accepted via email until (send cv or website url): 20 June, 2016
Applicants notified of entry and colour allocation: 30 June, 2016
Payments by: July 7, 2016 (places will need to be reallocated if payment is not received by this date)

Delivery of prints to QG&W: 19 September, 2016
Exhibition dates: Nov 2 – 30 Nov, 2016
Exhibition official opening: Nov 6, 2016
Pickup portfolios: Dec 1 – Dec 15, 2016

Cost: $340

Make your payment via this page (top, add to basket and follow prompts) or you are welcome to call us and pay over the phone or request direct debit details.

Need help with editioning?

We can help you edition your work or organise one of our Master printers to edition for you. You can also come in and use our facilities.
Email us or call the gallery to discuss 03 5258 4927