Paper size: 27(h) x 37(w)cm approx.
Medium: Gouache watercolour
Framing: Words by Paul Connolly mounted with illustration, date of publication marked on reverse

Price: $1,050 framed

The Shed is an original gouache illustrations from Good Weekend’s popular Kitchen Sink Drama column, written weekly by Paul Connolly.

‘Shortly after her 50th, Annabel started spending time in the backyard shed. At first it was just a halfhour or so after work. By her 51st birthday, however, Annabel was in there every night. “I’m working on something big,” she’d say when questioned. “A surprise.” But Simon and the kids noted there were never any sounds of industry coming from the shed, let alone finished pieces of god knows what. Instead, all that escaped through the cracks around the bolted wooden door were jazz tunes, cigar smoke and a warm orange light that was both inviting and exclusionary.’