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Yirrinkrupwoja (Body Painting) 1


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Artist: Pedro Wonaeamirri
Edition of 55
Print size: 86(h) x 61(w)cm
Medium: Multiplate lithograph

Price: $920 unframed
Authenticity certificate provided upon sale

In stock

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Traditional Tiwi Culture placed special significance on the Pukumani (funeral) ceremony. Mourners are decorated using natural ochres to disguise themselves from the spirit of the deceased and song and dance is performed to honour the dead.

Yirrinkiripwoja (bodypaint) is the source of many contemporary Tiwi designs and performance of the pukumani as ritual helps to reinvigorate the imagery. The shortening of the word to Pwoja – also refers to ‘best’.

Drawn on the plates by the Artist and printed by Martin King at Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne.