QG&W RMIT Open Bite Graduate Award Recipient Adam Wilkinson

Together with RMIT, it is our great honour to have established the annual QG&W RMIT Graduate Award and this year it was Adam Wilkinson who won the award and joined us for a week. Adam received: five days private access to the print workshop at QG&W use of the press, general materials including rags, blotting paper, tissue, tarlatan, rollers, inks, etc 10 sheets of Somerset supplied (560 x 760mm), and studio assistance by QG&W Director, [...]

Alcestis Reading

Speaking to this year’s annual print exchange theme of “historia”, last night we heard Greek Australian playwright Kat Moritz‘ premier reading of her latest play, Alcestis – an adaptation of Euripides’ play. Alcestis is the culmination of Kat’s recent trip to New York where she worked intensively with international playwright Sibyl Kempson and the Whitney Museum of American Art exploring ideas around ritual, history and the intersection of visual art, performance and the written [...]

Michael Leunig & Jim Pavlidis in conversation May 2019

It was an exceptional evening of conversation listening to two of Australia's most prominent illustrator's, Jim Pavlidis and Michael Leunig. Election eve heated up the discussion adding to the work stories of the two colleagues from their couple of decades at The Age. Then into art speak and of course much philosophy about today's world. As well as answering many questions, each guest had ample time to talk to both Jim and Michael [...]

PROBUS: Streeton Prints Presentation

Theo recently had the opportunity to present the story of Streeton Prints to an impeccable group of gentlemen of the Mens Probus Club of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff. The story – still unheard by many locals was received with great interest especially as it was presented by Theo who posthumously printed the etchings himself. Running through the history of the printmaking process first, Theo proceeded to unravel the story of how the etchings came to [...]

Tiwi Artists’ Visit

QG&W directors, JACA mangers and the Tiwi artists, Pauletta Kerinaua, Pedro Wonaeamirri and Timothy Cook were thrilled to finally be able to meet and celebrate the Tiwi Jilamara exhibition. The gallery and JACA could not have made this opportunity possible without the GoFundMe contributions from some very special people who all together raised most of the transport costs required for the group to travel from their location in Milikapiti (north of Darwin) to Queenscliff. [...]

Jilamara Artists Consigned to QG&W

QG&W are incredibly honored to have signed an official agreement directly with the Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association (JACA) which now permits the gallery to exhibit and sell the artists' magnificent Tiwi works. Established in 1989 JACA is owned and governed by Tiwi artists from Milikapiti community on Melville Island. Jilamara artists are nationally and internationally renowned for their unique, traditional Tiwi style. They produce contemporary works based on ceremonial body painting designs, clan totems and Tiwi creation stories.

A new collaboration with Oakdene Estate

We couldn’t be more excited! Oakdene is not only known for their exemplary wines – as described by James Halliday, but the estate is also recognised for its offering of cellar door, fine dining restaurant, cafe and accommodation all among a very unique and whimsical environment. Owners Elizabeth and Bernard Hooley first purchased Oakdene in 2001 as a neglected cattle farm and since transformed it to it’s exceptional offering today. Community collaborations are important to QG&W and they not only make our working days more enjoyable [...]

Peebles Print Prize 2019: A New Award

QG&W are thrilled to finally be able to announce another very exciting outcome from their trip to Venice. In addition to the Peebles Print Prize (PPP) contribution of $4,000 generously sponsored by 360Q, the Streeton Family will be offering an all inclusive seven day residency at The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice valued at $5,000. With the intention to offer this ‘Streeton’ intaglio print prize, Soula and Theo initiated a meeting [...]


It was truly amazing, inspiring, restorative and satisfying on both creative and personal levels. Here's a teeny glimpse of our mammoth two weeks in Venice Images: View from the rooftop of the new shopping centre, Doge's Palace ceiling, Doge's Palace fresco Paradiso Guariento di Apro, Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, MUVE Klein Welten VI woodcut Kandinsky, MUVE Matisse Lady with Vase of Flowers, View from inside the Guggenheim (Peggy's collection), Theo at Homage to the Square at the Guggenheim, and [...]

Join us for a Locus Perfume Masterclass – Friday Sep 14th

Join us during our Locus (Imaginary) exhibition for a Perfume Masterclass Navigate your way around the fragrance colour wheel learning about nature's Oriental, Woody, Fresh and Floral fragrances. A fabulous evening hosted by Homebody Orchard at QG&W that will be directed by the ever knowledgeable and wonderful fragrance stylist, Lucy Borland. Learn about your favorite perfumes and enjoy a Spring launch by three exquisite perfumers, Grandiflora, Juliette Has a Gun, and Miller et Bertaux. A [...]

QG&W takes a winter break this year: Aug 13 – Aug 31

Image: Palazzo Salviati, Grand Canal, Venice Soula Mantalvanos etching After three solid years of rebuilding life, we're taking a short break from Aug 13 to Aug 31. The winter break will not only be welcomed rejuvenation, but an opportunity for Theo and Soula to retrace Sir Arthur Streeton's footsteps as well as a chance for Soula to gather some much needed inspiration. We feel the best place to get this cocktail of energy is in Venice! [...]

Sweeping Landscapes at Whitehorse Artspace

It is QG&W's great honour that the posthumous prints of Sir Arthur Streeton will form part of the Sweeping Landscapes exhibition at Whitehorse Artspace next month. Whitehorse Art Collection acquired Wheat Sheaves during the Streeton Prints exhibition in 2017. The full set of posthumous prints will sit with a drawing of Streeton by Tom Roberts and various landscapes and seascapes by Streeton, Roberts, McCubbin and their followers. A couple of earlier works will also be included in [...]

An evening with Marie Antoinette and Homebody Orchard at Clydesville Queenscliff

Cire Trudon has been manufacturing candles in Normandy, France since 1643. They have always been associated with Royalty and the greatest cathedrals and churches across France. As part of the Low Light winter festival, join us for a French inspired evening at Clydesville, 20 Gellibrand Street, Queenscliff. The mood will be set in the main dining room of Clydesville where you will enjoy artwork by print maker Marion Manifold – displaying a selection or her work entitled [...]

QG&W Geelong Gallery Print Award recipient, Peter Garnick

In August last year, the Geelong Gallery inaugural QG&W Print Award residency was awarded to Peter Garnick for his work, Elements. A multi-panel etching which pays homage to the fundamental role of women in ensuring the survival of our species. The award prize gave Peter five days access to QG&W's print studio with most materials included. It was a pleasure to have Peter with us who made the most of the residency by staying an additional [...]

From Velvety Depths – The Opening

A fantastic opening celebration for Graeme Peebles' survey exhibition, From Velvety Depths. Huge thanks to all who attended and especially Gordon Craig, curator Rockhampton Art Gallery Queensland and great friend of Graeme's who official opened the exhibition. Most appropriate for Gordon to do the honours after having written a thesis on Graeme's work. Equally celebrating this occasion was Bill Young, Graeme's printer who has, and continues to print each of Graeme's mezzotints. Bill is [...]