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1:1 Abstraction with Melinda Harper

DETAILS TEACHER: Melinda Harper DATE: Flexible TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W print studio COST: $455* (1p), $340 (2 pp), $295 (3 pp) AIM Explore colour and abstraction with Melinda through a variety of mediums and materials such as; acrylic/painting, paper/collage, fabric/embroidery, or print/lino cut or monoprint. Melinda guides you through form and mark making and encourages you to loosen up, let go and [...]

1:1 Book making with Bronwyn Rees

DETAILS TEACHER: Bronwyn Rees DATE: Wed – Fri TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine print studio COST: per person*: $495 (1pp), $365 (2pp), $220 (3pp) PLACES: 3 AIM The book making workshop aims to be exploratory and will encourage participants to make a small book (or small books) of their choice using various papers and techniques. Participants will be encouraged to prepare the [...]

1:1 Multiplate Plastic Plate Etching with Bronwyn Rees

DETAILS TEACHER: Bronwyn Rees DATE: Wed – Fri TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W print studio COST: $455* (1 p), $340 (2 pp), $295 (3 ppp) PLACES: 3 AIM To explore the wonderful world of drypoint on plastic plate. Discover an amazing range of mark making using a variety of tools (for instance tiny power tools) on the very responsive plastic surface. In this workshop participants will use acetate and use [...]

1:1 Mezzotint with Graeme Peebles

DETAILS TEACHER: Graeme Peebles DATE: Casual sessions (dates negotiable) TIME: 10am - 4pm LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine / print studios COST: Min 4 sessions approx $250 per session OUTLINE This workshop is tailored to the individual. Each participant will explore the Mezzotint technique with Master Mezzotint printmaker, Graeme Peebles at their own level and be able to set their own agenda. Learning from Graeme's extensive experience with Mezzotint, participants will explore various ways of preparing [...]

1:1 Drawing or Painting with Michelle Zuccolo

TEACHER: Michelle Zuccolo DATE & TIME: Flexible LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine art studio COST: $455 (1 person), $340 (2 people), $295 (3 people) AIM A custom workshop is your workshop to organise with the facilitator – you set the agenda. During a custom workshop you will be able to set your own agenda and work 1:1 with Michelle, at your level and your pace. Custom workshops are facilitated [...]

1:1 Linocut

DETAILS TEACHER: Anita Iacovella  or Soula Mantalvanos DATE: Sat or Sun with Amanda or Mon, Wed, Thur or Fri with Soula TIME: 10:00am – 4:30pm (1 hour lunch) LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine studio COST per person*: $425 (1pp), $350 (2pp), $293 (3pp) AIM Lino printing is one of the simplest printmaking methods. This 1:1 workshop will cover: safe and non toxic printmaking, how to use your own images to make a linoprint, how to print [...]

1:1 – Drawing, Printmaking or Professional Development with Joel Wolter

DETAILS TEACHER: Joel DATE & TIME: Wed & school holidays LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine art studio COST per person*: $425 (1pp), $319 (2pp), $283 (3pp) AIM Allow professional artist, printer and qualified art teacher, Joel Wolter to guide you through, either a single or combined focus on General Drawing, Printmaking and/or Professional Development. No matter what your level, age or experience with the arts, Joel will [...]

1:1 – Painting with Philip Davey

DETAILS INSTRUCTOR: Philip Davey DATE: Mon, Wed or Thur TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: Queenscliff surrounds (weather permitting)/QG&W mezzanine (weather not permitting) COST per person*: $595 (1pp), $446 (2pp), $397 (3pp) WORKSHOP OUTLINE Philip will share his extensive experience with en plein air (open air) painting and guide you with all aspects of the technique at your level - whether you are a [...]

1:1 – Mono with Anita Iacovella

DETAILS TEACHER: Anita Iacovella DAYS & TIMES: Fridays 10:00am – 4pm* OR Saturdays 10am – 4pm LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine and print studios COST per person*: $475 (1pp), $356 (2pp), $317 (3pp) AIM Anita Iacovella is a professional artist and lectures in printmaking and drawing at The Gordon TAFE part-time – a position she has held for the past 19 years. Anita is very well known for her [...]

1:1 – Solar Plate Etching with Trudy Rice

DETAILS TEACHER: Trudy Rice DAYS & TIMES: 10.30am – 4pm (half hour lunch break) Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Friday LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine and print studios COST per person*: $495 (1pp), $350 (2pp), $295 (3pp) AIM Learn how to make prints with the solar plate etching method using the sun and water instead of acid - an environmentally friendly technique that Trudy has mastered. Participants will work [...]