A QG&W custom workshop allows you to design your workshop in any way you wish.

The slider below is an indication of our 1:1 workshops which can be flexed to suit your specific requirements even further. You may have a work group, a student group, a specific agenda or project that isn’t quite outlined in our online workshops.

If your special request fits within QG&W’s abilities, we would be more than happy to accommodate.

Please use the form below the slider to give us more details or call us to chat 03 4202 0942.

  • Melinda Harper trauma and art workshop - 28

    1:1 Abstraction with Melinda Harper

    DETAILS TEACHER: Melinda Harper DATE: Flexible TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W print studio COST: $455* (1p), $340 (2 pp), $295 (3 pp) AIM Explore colour and abstraction with Melinda through a variety of mediums and materials such as; acrylic/painting, paper/collage, fabric/embroidery, or print/lino cut or monoprint. Melinda guides you through form and mark making and encourages you to loosen up, let go and explore your thoughts on paper. Participants will have the chance to draw on Melinda’s immense experience with colour and freely investigate any aspect they wish. Melinda also has 14 years of experience conducting art workshops within the mental health sector. Not to be confused with art therapy, art for trauma and/or wellbeing calls for no critique or assessment of the participant's work, instead encouraging freedom of creative expression. Learn to enjoy the process of making [...]

  • 1:1 Book making with Bronwyn Rees

    DETAILS TEACHER: Bronwyn Rees DATE: Wed – Fri TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W mezzanine print studio COST: per person*: $495 (1pp), $365 (2pp), $220 (3pp) PLACES: 3 AIM The book making workshop aims to be exploratory and will encourage participants to make a small book (or small books) of their choice using various papers and techniques. Participants will be encouraged to prepare the paper for their small book/s through printmaking methods such as linocut, mono print, and drypoint. Participants can also incorporate other artwork and paper resources such as their own drawings, old proofs/prints, and found and resourced papers such as, photos, film, acetate etc. Bronwyn will demonstrate the following book binding methods: pamphlet, Japanese stab binding, snake eyes pattern, concertina and single page, and then guide each participant through making their book/s. Although not essential as participants [...]