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Full Print Exchange work details here

The Lettered Print Exchange participants and their assigned letters/punctuation are:

A- Damon Kowarsky
B- Andrew Weatherill
C- Katherine Marmaras
D- Lauren Carter
E- John Waller
F- Sue Ernst
G- Wendy Hart
H- Olivia Mazzone
I- Keren Zorn
J- Clyde McGill
K- Jim Pavlidis

L- Cat Poljski
M- Joel Wolter
N- James Pasakos
O- Andrew Gunnell
P- Nada Poljski
Q- Jackie Gorring
R- Jan Palethorpe
S- Adam Nudelman
T- Catherine Pilgrim
U- Kir Larwill
V- Bec Murdoch

W- Shirley Hurley
X- Anne McMaster
Y- Stephanie Jane Rampton
Z- Trudy Rice
Full stop (.)- PJ Hickman
Exclamation mark (!)- Leonie Oakes
At (@)- Ann Cunningham
Hashtag (#)- Penny Peckham
Ampersand (&)- Angela Cavalieri
Curly Brackets ({})- Anna Prifti
Question mark (?)- Soula Mantalvanos


Each selected artist has been assigned an individual lowercase letter of the alphabet or one of 7 punctuation marks Eg. an exclamation mark, @ symbol, hashtag, ampersand, brackets, or a full stop, and was required to edition 36 prints of which three will be for sale. The remaining 33 prints will form sets that go to each participating artist.

Exhibition runs: May