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Exhibition dates: May 2 – June 30
Official opening: May 5 at 3pm

At the heart of every culture and community, lies a story. Whether it’s the dreamtime Rainbow Serpent of Aboriginal Australia or the mythical Greek epic of The 12 Labours of Hercules, stories are ameans by which people come together and collective identities and histories are forged.This year, these myths and mythopeias are just a few of the many stories that are being revisited, reinterpreted and reimagined for the Queenscliffe Literary Festival – but not how you might expect.

QG&W presents Historia, an exhibition of 32 printmakers’ works inspired by various myths and mythopaiea for the annual Queenscliffe Literary Festival (QLF).

Featured artists: Michael Leunig, Marion Manifold, Jim Pavlidis & Gwen Scott.

PRINT EXCHANGE artists: Helene Athanasiadis, Jenine Bailey, Dianne Colk, Warren Cooke, Beth Croce, Ann Cunningham, Sue Ernst, Silvi Glattauer, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Kim Herringe, Julie Holmes, Alex Hotchin, Kyoko Imazu, Gary James, Maureen King, Anita Laurence, Larissa MacFarlane, Soula Mantalvanos, Emmy Mavroidis, Catherine McCue, Kerry Anne McMeeking, Jiri Tibor Novak, Sharron Okines, Laura Osborne, Jim Pavlidis, Sue Poggioli, Nada Poljski, Trudy Rice, Gwen Scott, Lisa Sewards, Stephen Tester and Justin Watson.