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(Image: Tide Space 1 by Andrew Gunnell acrylic & screen print on canvas)

Join us for the official exhibition opening on Sunday September 17th from 3pm.

Exhibition dates Sep 14th – Nov 26th.

WORKS BY: Rick Amor, Danielle Creenaune, David Frazer, Christine Gibson, Andrew Gunnell, Robert Hague, Melinda Harper, Ying Huang, Anita Iacovella, Emmy Mavroidis, Olivia Mazzone, Megan McPherson, Becc Ország, James Pasakos, Jim Pavlidis, Catherine Pilgrim, Geoffrey Ricardo, Trudy Rice, Lisa Sewards, Anne Spudvilas, Wayne Viney, Susan Wald, Sophie Westerman, Deborah Williams and Hal Timothy Yarran.

View the exhibition.
Mono and unique state workshops

With the Relief and Intaglio printmaking techniques covered in our two previous exhibitions, from September 14 QG&W looks forward to focusing on Lithography, Monoprint/types, Screen & Unique State printmaking.

We encourage everyone to come in to QG&W at anytime and inquire about the various printmaking techniques.

QG&W hopes the ‘technique’ focused exhibitions have been informative and the insight to the various methods artists use to make their prints has provided a little more clarity when comparing the value of a digital reproduction and the original art piece.