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Exhibition dates: Feb 28– Apr 28
Official closing with JACA managers, Pauletta Kerinaiua (JNR), Pedro Wonaeamirri & Timothy Cook: Apr 27, 3pm

Private evening with donors, patrons & the artists: Apr 26, 5pm – 7pm

Exhibiting artists: Barbara PuruntatameriChris BlackColleen FreddyConrad Tipungwuti Kamilowra, Dino WilsonDymphna KerinaiuaGeraldine PilakuiGlen Farmer Illortaminni TjipomurraylJanice Murray PungautijiJimmy MungatopiJohnathon BushKaye BrownKenny BrownMary Magdalene TipungwutiMichelle WoodyNicholas MarioPamela Brooks, Pauletta Kerinaiua (JNR), Pedro WonaeamirriPius TipungwutiRaelene Kerinauia LampuwatuTimothy Cook and Tina Patlas.

Established in 1989 the Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association (JACA) is owned and governed by Tiwi artists from Milikapiti community on Melville Island – one of the Northern most points of Australia.

Artworks by Jilamara artists are held in major collections around the world including our major Australian institutions. The Tiwi artists are nationally and internationally renowned for their unique, traditional Tiwi style. They produce contemporary works based on ceremonial body painting designs, clan totems and Tiwi creation stories.

Tiwi Jilamara – a group exhibition of prints, ochres on paper and sculptures will form an official Tiwi group exhibition at QG&W. Artists in the exhibition are excited by the prospect and are hoping to travel to Queenscliff to represent Jilamara and Tiwi culture. The artists and QG&W also hope to organise a visit to Queenscliff Primary School where the artists will host a demonstration and talk about their culture, art and tradition.

QG&W are incredibly honored to have signed an official agreement directly with the JACA which now permits the gallery to exhibit and sell the artists’ magnificent Tiwi works.

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