Susan Mcleod Sympathy

Titles as varied as Jane Austen’s Emma, Leigh Sales’ On Doubt and Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas– selected by then-owners of The Bookshop at Queenscliff, Lisa and Mathew – are allocated to participating artists, whose hand-printed visual adaptations will go on display at the Human Emotion Print Exchange exhibition, alongside works by narrative artist Michael Leunig and wood engravings by David Frazer.

Exhibiting artists (human emotion and literature titles): Julia Wakefield Confusion A Visit from the Goon Squad, Christine Gibson Regret Atonement, Helen Kocis Edwards Pity Beware of Pity, Penelope Lawry Contempt Contempt, Samantha Thompson Forgiveness East of Eden, Steve Tester Loneliness Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Zoe Snyder Boredom Emma, Gwen Scott Pleasure Fahrenheit 451, Billy Nye Euphoria Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, Ann Cunningham Aggression Fight Club, Brett Mallon Rage Firestarter, Catherine McCue Gratitude Gratitude, Laura Osborne Paranoia Gravity’s Rainbow, Cecilia Jackson Apathy Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Elaine Camlin Pride King Lear, Kim Hodge (nee Herringe) Doubt On Doubt, Margot Rushton Frustration Portnoy’s Complaint, Christine Courcier-Jones Affection Praise, Linda Baker Guilt Rebecca, Andrew Weatherill Horror Slaughterhouse-Five, Susan Mcleod Sympathy Sympathy, Denise Rogers Depression The Bell Jar, Penny Peckham Hysteria The Crucible, Nada Poljski Empathy The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Lisa Sewards Ecstasy The Doors of Perception, Trudy Rice Love Letter to D: A love story and Soula Mantalvanos Ambivalence The Great Gatsby.

Image: Susan Mcleod Sympathy woodblock print.


Rick Amor Flinders, 2009 Oil on canvas 54x65.5

Embracing companionship while engaged in a solitary pursuit is not unique in the world of art but, unlike many other artists, Rick Amor, Philip Davey and David Moore can measure their professional comradeship in decades.

While this exhibition sees the three once more gathered together, its purpose is to showcase the individual method — broad brushstrokes, brooding shadows, historical imagery — and media – gouache on paper, oil on canvas — for which each artist is recognised and celebrated.
“Paintings are made in silence and should be looked at in silence,” Amor believes.

‘When we go out painting, I enjoy the challenge of the task. We just stop somewhere and start working.”

For Moore, “time flies because I’m in my own space and concentrating like mad.”
Eschewing plein air and oh-what-marvellous-use-of-light clichés, each artist paints what he sees.
“Mostly I just pick a scene that has a certain look or balance of objects and colours,” says Davey.
“It’s a personal judgement; that’s what makes it your thing.”

While sticking to the traditional way of doing things and staying loyal to the traditional tools, each work displays a subjective aspect of the subject and the signature of the craftsman.
“Paint from life,” says Moore, distilling their collective philosophy.
“Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Harper / Nudelman

Abstractionist, Melinda Harper has been exploring the relationship between colour and form for three decades.

Adam Nudelman refines classical landscape painting and ads complex forms that seek cultural identity and the artist’s own place in the world.

In the first of QG&W’s 2020 focus exhibitions, Melinda Harper and Adam Nudelman will display force and tension, push and pull in their works – Harper as a means to explore the limits of colour, Nudelman to define the idea of human isolation.

Literary Festival Exhibition

Featured artists: Michael Leunig, Marion Manifold, Jim Pavlidis & Gwen Scott.

PRINT EXCHANGE artists: Helene Athanasiadis, Jenine Bailey, Dianne Colk, Warren Cooke, Beth Croce, Ann Cunningham, Sue Ernst, Silvi Glattauer, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Kim Herringe, Julie Holmes, Alex Hotchin, Kyoko Imazu, Gary James, Maureen King, Anita Laurence, Larissa MacFarlane, Soula Mantalvanos, Emmy Mavroidis, Catherine McCue, Kerry Anne McMeeking, Jiri Tibor Novak, Sharron Okines, Laura Osborne, Jim Pavlidis, Sue Poggioli, Nada Poljski, Trudy Rice, Gwen Scott, Lisa Sewards, Stephen Tester and Justin Watson.