JUNE – Mezzotint workshop by Andrew Gunnell with Graeme Peebles

Andrew Gunnell with participants, Debbo and Olivia
Mezzotint tools
Mezzotint, working on the plate, upstairs in the mezzanine
Graeme Peebles demonstrating (with Olivia Mazzone)
Graeme Peebles demonstrating the rocking of a large plate
Scraping and burnishing - editing after first proof
Graeme Peebles plate wiping
Masters, Andrew Gunnell and Graeme Peebls
First proof
Recording handy tips
End of workshop debrief

JULY – Opening of Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Peter Lancaster
Soula, Theo and Peter
Geoffrey Ricardo, Wayne Viney, Peter, Theo, Phil Day, Becc Orszag, Soula, Robert Hague, Eolo Paul Bottaro and Jim Pasakos
Soula, Pete, Theo and Jason
Andrew Gunnell and Lisa Sullivan
Peter drawing on the stone and Theo
Jason Smith
Peter Lancaster
Phil Day and Paul Compton
Marguerite Brown, Andrew Gunnell, Sharron Okines
Geoffrey Ricardo drawing on the sample stone
Geoffrey Ricardo with Emily and Jade Kellett