If anyone running a business in Australia delivered poor service or a faulty product to a customer they would be made accountable right? Not the telcos and NBN Australia! They seem exempt from this rule.

I won’t be the first person writing about my NBN transition issues and I certainly won’t be the last. Our issues aren’t worse or more important and this post won’t solve my issue or anyone else’s.

The most I’ll get is the standard message that our enquiry has been escalated to a new team and an apology made for the inconvenience…

… inconvenience? How about financial disaster!!?

Our issues began when the internet began cutting out on our mobiles. We were with Telstra (had been for 30 years) – they couldn’t fix the issue.

Commander took on our mobile service and suggested we ‘upgrade’ our service to NBN for better internet. Our business phone line became impossible to use – we couldn’t hear anyone and they couldn’t hear us because of static. The internet remained poor.

From there, Optus advised they would certainly be able to resolve all the phone issues we were experiencing. We moved across to Optus.

Almost four months later and Optus can’t establish a working business landline. In fact if you call QG&W you’ll hear the number is no longer connected, get a dead signal or hear three beeps (you know, the dead three beeps not the engaged call back ones!).

Having both accepted responsibility for my chronic health issue (from a work accident), Theo and I left our blissful home/community in Collingwood seeking a place where we might be able to manage the health issue better and where we could hopefully work.

We started all over again. A new regional business and the message, ‘Optus advises, this number is no longer connected‘ don’t go very well together.

The Mind Boggles

Responsibility and accountability doesn’t seem to be part of the culture for insurers and telcos. Meanwhile the questions of damage to our business and livelihood (once again) and the length of time for repair, hover over both Theo and I all day.

What are the parties involved offering? Just more frustration:

  1. NBN are not contactable
  2. The Telco Ombudsman (yes, there is an Ombudsman just for telecommunications!) has instructed we keep paying our Optus bill.
  3. Optus emailed a Business Loss Checklist. Question No 6 requires we seek this information:

Statements (preferably statutory declarations) from customers who state they did not spend money with your company as a result of the circumstances in question

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