Project Description

Angela Cavalieri explores the art of writing in visual form. In her large-scale hand printed linocuts, literary, religious and historical narratives eventually manifest as image. Sources include poetry, music, religious epitaphs and inscriptions on public buildings.

Fragments of experience and narrative find their form in the enlarged, broken and repaired text. Seeing the text as an image, she re-writes that part of history by re-working and integrating the text into forms that reinforce its physical and material presence. The narrative is constantly changing and rediscovering itself and new narratives appear.

Whatever the source, Angela’s inspiration derives from her migrant family background, Italian being her first language. It is this intimate and personal connection that Angela uses to play with the ideas and architectures of language, storytelling and culture.

‘With letters we make words and from words we create stories.

Stories are written. They tell a tale.

These tales tell about people, cities, experiences, histories and the imagination.

I want to use these words to write my own tales.’ Angela Cavalieri