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Project Description

Sydney born and Sydney Based Hal Timothy Yarran is a self taught printmaker and sculptor who’s self referential works address the social conciseness of a post-colonial Australia. Formerly trained in painting and drawing his practice draws from the expressive mark making and brutal honesty of expressionism and neo-expressonism. Hal experiments and investigates masculinity, whiteness, heterosexual-sexuality and identity often steeping his work in satire.

Artist’s Statement

The work I make is self referencing in nature. I believe that everyone is at the centre of their own universe and its from there that we experience pleasure, pain, beauty and tragedy, and I view these experiences as an entirely selfish subjective experience.

Self taught in printmaking I produce work in an unorthodox and unconventional manner often disregarding traditional techniques and formalities. I use the matrix of printmaking to attain a lack of control in my drawing and to legitimise my practice.

I’m still very new to printmaking and desire to explore its potentials more with future projects. This current project was an attempt to destroy the conception of myself and the weight I placed into my own physical identity. Severely depressed at the time, I kept drawing self-portraits onto the same plate until there was nothing more I could do, essentially until the plate was destroyed. Then, I pulled a relief print to view myself differently, and signify the end of that plate.

With this project I was really bent on destroying myself and wanted to follow myself wherever I went, not leaving any stone unturned.

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Open 6 days | Closed Tuesdays and between exhibitions