QG&W is a proud member of The Print Council of Australia (PCA) - a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Australian printmaking. The Print Council of Australia (PCA) is a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Australian printmaking.

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Project Description

Print access

AUTUMN: 7 days
5 HOUR BLOCKS: $60 per 5 hour block (reduced rate for multiple bookings)
BASIC ASSISTANCE: $80 per 4 hour block


  • MES Etching Press. 911 x 1836mm bed. Motorised model 36 HD
  • Rollers – Spindle 510 x 180, 510 x 140, Speedball 100mm
  • Trays – 1030 x 1320, 640 x 1040, 450 x 500
  • Butchers Paper
  • Hot plate
  • Drying boards
  • Private workshop access if required


  • Shared kitchenette
  • Microwave
  • Gold coin donation Nespresso coffee
  • Free tea, sugar & milk
  • Access to art books
  • Street parking

Editioning, print and custom services

For production and general advice please pop in and speak to Theo at anytime who can further research your requirements and discuss the scope of your work. Theo can also provide an accurate costing and/or assist you in the print workshop with general print needs.

Our local printmakers are available for more complex editioning and printing requirements and welcome your technical questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask about their work and techniques. Custom workshops with some of our artists are also an option.

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PHONE: 03 5258 4927 or EMAIL: workshop@qgw.com.au

Book art/print access