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Robert Hague

Plate Series Blue Claude (after McCubbin) 2015 Hand gilt 24ct, lithograph on cotton rag paper 70 x 70cm (paper) McCubbin's failed gold prospector (Down on [...]

Ying Huang

Huang’s work continues to satirise popular culture and political history. This work finds inspiration from Rose O’Neill’s Kewpie Doll, a character who is “a sort [...]

John Kelly

Painter, sculptor and printmaker John Kelly was born in Bristol, UK in 1965 and immigrated with his family to Australia in the same year. In [...]

Brett Mallon

Societies get interested in things that they are missing. We live in a world that demands enormous self-discipline and maturity. We’re surrounded by precision technology [...]

David Moore

David Moore is the son of Graeme Moore, a well known Australian painter, and was brought up in an artistic household. He was taught to [...]

Adam Nudelman

With an artistic career spanning 25 years, Nudelman has exhibited widely and his works feature in prominent private, corporate and public collections. He has [...]