As we continue to establish QG&W, predominately exhibiting the work of Australian printmakers and offering art and print workshops to the general public, we feel it is important to also collaborate with the institutions that provide great arts education and support arts students.

Together with RMIT, it is our great honor to establish an annual QG&W RMIT Graduate Award.

The student receiving the QG&W RMIT Graduate Award receives:

  • five days private access to the print workshop at QG&W (including use of mezzanine space for drawing/sketching/cutting etc)
  • use of the press (print area up to 800 x 900mm)
  • use of basic materials including: rags, blotting paper, tissue, tarlatan, rollers, inks, etc
  • 10 sheets of Somerset supplied (560 x 760mm) additional paper can be purchased at cost or bought in.
  • tea and coffee
  • studio assistance by QG&W Director, Theo Mantalvanos as required during the access period

In addition to this, QG&W sponsor ‘Shelter Shed’, will provide food and beverage to the value of $70 per day (note: daily amounts are not transferable).

Plus, for 2017 the The Open Bite Student Association (OBSA) will provide funds for accommodation in Queenscliff to the recipient while on the residency.

The monetary value of the award totals approx $2,000.

The award speeches and presentations will take place at RMIT Building 2 Level 2
on Wednesday at 5:45pm prior to the Exhibition Opening at 6:00pm