As at August 1, 2018


    Artists’ works will be held for up to 12 months by QG&W unless otherwise specified by the artists. Contact will be made by QG&W upon the 12 month period to determine if the works will be returned or remain in the possession of QG&W for a further 12 months.


    • 55% commission to the artist and 45% commission to QG&W. Please provide ABN if appropriate.
    • Unframed works: Should framing be requested by the purchaser this may be organised by QG&W
    • Framed Works: Cost of framing is to be specified to QG&W as commission will only be payable on the value of the artwork and not the framing price. The cost of the framing by the artist is paid in full to the artist upon sale.
    • Payment by the end of the calendar month following the month in which the artwork is sold.
    • Lay-by/part-payment: Customers may arrange a lay-by/part payment to secure an artwork. The full amount of the artwork must be paid in no more than two further payments by the last day of the second month after the month in which the artwork was partly paid for.
    • As a general rule, QG&W does not offer customers a discount on artwork.
    • If a number of items are being considered and a discount is requested, QG&W will contact the artist to authorise the request unless otherwise specified on the consignment form.


    • Transportation of artwork is the responsibility of the artist unless otherwise organised through QG&W.
    • Artwork is not insured whilst in transit by QG&W. It is the responsibility of the artist to arrange transit cover for any works being freighted to or from QG&W. QG&W can organise this at the request and the cost to the artist.


    • All artworks on the premises of QG&W are insured. In the unfortunate event of damage or theft, 55% of the sale price value will be reimbursed to the artist upon settlement from QG&W’s insurance broker.
    • All works will be hung, filed or stored with care in order to minimise any damage to the pieces.
    • All artworks will be handled with the utmost care. Should damage to artwork occur due to mishandling by QG&W staff or patrons, the artist will be informed immediately.

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